Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year of the Bunny :3

Welcome year 2011 ! Thanks 2010 !

by Rea Maureen Name

Time flies when you're enjoying the moment, 2010 seems like yesterday it went so fast. Though I've got some problems I'm glad I made it through, our family made it through with the help of prayers.

Welcoming 2011 was kind of sad because my mom and I celebrated it just the two of us for the first time. Dad was in the other country and my older sister have to go to her job. We wasn't able to do our prayer as a tradition.

Neighbors got Piccolos, fountains and lots of firecrackers while we've got Lucis, torotot and Pop Up, heh.

Our media noche was too many for us two so I invited my cousins to come over and join us. My sadness was eased for a while, we lit up our lucis and watched our neighbors's fireworks.

Our neighbors' :p

We even rolled ponkans and coins for some luck *

no more lucis T.T

We celebrated the New Year the simplest way that we can, we don't need expensive fireworks as long as we are happy together. I hope we're complete for the next New Year.

God has given us another year to start and correct our mistakes. Have a prosperous 2011 guys !

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