Sunday, January 30, 2011

My unforgettable and favorite experience at AB 208 (narrative)

Arts Building room 208, the room where I learned to write with free flowing emotions.

This room is where we held our Journalism class, sometimes when our Speech class ends early we just stay at the corridor and wait for the professor to come out. The professor before our class is a small woman with short haircut and wearing glasses. One time I saw her seating in the table, crossed legs, while teaching. That is what made me thing that she is a cool mentor. I do not know what subject she teaches by the way, but her students were 3rd year students I guess.

In this room, we usually write and write articles and stuffs, seldom we discuss because our major subject is focused on writing. We usually write article for feature writing which is in favor for me for we can really express what we want to say unlike news writing where our ideas and taught are not important and must not be included in our article.

My unforgettable experience about this room was when we have to write an article from the recording that we will just listen, I wrote a long entry and unfortunately, I am the last one to finish. Good thing our mentor waited for me to finish, actually, I am not yet done but I decided to pass my work. My hands were really tired after that.

In additional, my favorite experience in that room was when we watched the chick flick “Confessions of a Shopaholic” which I really wanted to watch when I was in high school but unfortunately, I was not able to do so. Therefore, I grabbed my chance and watched the movie as if I was in a movie theater.

Sometimes I sneak out and sleep in my seat when we have nothing to do.

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