Monday, January 24, 2011

The supposed to be Concierto Piyu 83

The day started out well, the sun is bright. We have an NSTP class but unfortunately we're late so we decided to go inside and watch the officers to arrange

Me, Kiko and Shaira even found a perfect spot to watch the concert featuring Pupil, Callalily and Vice Ganda. At 5pm I went in front of the chapel to facilitate a tumblr meet up. People from tumblr came one by one and by pairs. I met new people and it was fun, we took pictures and stuffs

The cheer drummers performed as a sign that the concert will begin in a matter of time. They even gave us party hats. Eventually, rain started to pour down. People rushed to covered areas, some just opened their umbrellas and stayed in their place hoping that the rain will stop. 

We waited for one hour but the rain won't stop. We decided to go upstairs because we're so wet by the rain. Evening came but the rain kept on pouring harder. Lights at the stage were turned off, we're so clueless if they will continue the concert or not. 

At 9pm the student council apologized and told that they won't continue the concert anymore. I was about to go home so i called Paulo. Though I'm a bit disappointed, part of it eased away.

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