Sunday, January 30, 2011

What AB 208 looks like in my eyes

I always ready my pen and my hands whenever I enter the rhe AB 208 room for this is where we held our Journalism class which mean we have to write and write articles. It was kind of mixed fun and hard. Hard because there were times when I really do not know where to start my article, fun because I am learning to write which is included and important to the field that I want to enter.

The room is pretty much more spacious than an ordinary classroom around the university, lockers were placed to the right side and indicates “student props”. There were times were I wanted to open each cabinet to see the props but of course we were not allowed to do such thing.

I am sitting at the second row but when someone is absent, I will go to the first row, but when I wanted to sneak a sleep, I will just go to the second row and rest my head. I do not know if my prof is aware of this. I am seated right next to Danica, we sometimes do not talk during classes but we often eat and sneaking it out. We munch there while listening. We are listening as if there is no bag of biscuits in front of us.

This room is not that cold unlike the other room so I can concentrate in my writing properly, it was not that hot either. It sometimes look dirty and I can really see how old it is and it is obvious that it was not even renovated from the time that it was built.

Good thing that we chairs were brand new, it has a capacity of maximum 50 students. I was wondering how many students already  used this room and when will they plan to renovate this room and make it look brand new like those rooms in the 3rd floor. Maybe sooner or later before we graduate. I know we will still use this room until we graduate.

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