Sunday, January 16, 2011

My greatest assets

We are living in a material world, everybody goes shopping, and social status is not a hindrance. As long as you can afford the things that we want, we buy it.

As an 18-year old student I still doesn't have assets that I can really call mine, because I admit, all the money that I use to buy stuffs were from mom and dad.

I can consider my Canon Rebel T1i, my dad's gift for my 18th birthday as an asset. Admit it or not, not all people can buy DSLR, not all people in my age will have the chance to have this kind of camera worth 900$. It's one of my valued asset because it was given by my dad. I know it is almost equal to his salary abroad.

My make-up haul, since high school I've been saving money from my baon to buy these stuffs. I actually invest in what I love. I do not spend much. Everything in this bag defines me.

I love clothes. This is just one of my closets in our room. We have an RTW store so I have pretty much clothes. Mom bought some of these and some were by me. I often purchase branded clothes because of my funny philosophy that when you walk, people around you won't even bother to check the tag behind your clothes. For me, as long as you can carry the clothes it will look good on you no matter what. Oh, I forgot to say, I love shopping on thrift stores.

Shoes, they say that good shoes will take you to beautiful places. That’s why me, my sister and mom invests on shoes.

Other things that I consider as an asset were my books. I love reading.
There, now you know what I considered my valued assets.

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