Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vandalism: An art or an eye sore?

 Name of a gang with a stereotypical font written on  walls, a drawing of a man's genital part, words written by rallyistas and some stuffs that can be found in every public places are definitely an eye sore. 

It makes the surrounding look dirty. Though MMDA launched a project about painting the walls to prevent vandalisms I guess it is not enough to prevent them from doing this. They use paint spray, which are hard to remove. I wonder why some people would really draw a person’s genital area in a public place. If I were a boy, I would feel ashamed to see my private part in the wall where everybody else could see. Vandals can be found everywhere, especially around Metro Manila. A man aging from 12-21 are more likely to do this stuffs, especially if they belong to a gang.

Behind this wall full of vandals is a church.

I also often see vandalisms at buses’ seats, there are some foul words referring to sex and it comes with a cell phone number. Sometimes they put “wanted text mate” to earn some attention.

In our Psychology room at EB 7th floor, almost every chair has an illustration a man’s private part, comes with different sizes and different kinds. Is it fulfilling to draw a person’s private part? What is with it that it seems to be addictive?

Vandalism in the comfort room is common, especially in public comfort rooms. When I was in grade school, I often see some vulgar words meant for cursing at the girls’ washroom. In grade school, it is a common way to revenge to your enemy. It is so childish yet funny.

How I wish if those who vandalize will just draw some awesome doodles or graffiti like these,

In that case, it will not be an eye sore anymore; instead, it will become an eye candy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mass Comm Fair: Intensified

By Rea Maureen Name

The great thing about the Mass Comm Fair is the fact that we do not have classes and we can enter the school premises wearing jeans and our org shirts. I arrived early so I went to the Freedom Park, saw some of my block mates, and eat with them at the AB canteen.

Later on, when Kiko arrived we proceeded to the auditorium to watch and support our block mate, Carla, at Mass Comm Idol. After long hours of waiting the program finally started. First, they showed slides of the accomplished events done by the officers of Mass Comm Society, and then they immediately introduced the 12 contestants. Carla was fourth to perform, and she sang really smooth and clear. Her voice was so angelic. Her song piece was I Love You So. We made banners and tarps out of my notebook’s leaves and permanent marker saying “GO PUSH”, “GO CARLA” and stuffs. Out of 12 contestants, they choose the final two. Luckily, I mean, obviously Carla got the slot together with a 4th year student.

Karla sang the same song piece smoothly, but her competitor sang Listen and made the crowd go wild. After they perform, dance competition began. Other year was not that impressive unlike the sophomores and the seniors. They first announced the winner for the dance competition. Luckily, sophomores got the first place but the senior grabbed the grand winner title. The announcement for the winner of the Mass Idol came, Carla was sure that her competitor will be the winner, but when the judge talked it seems to be favorable to Carla but we are wrong the senior student won.

After that the group 1:43 performed, my former schoolmate Yuki was part of the group. Cath and I were screaming “YUKI!” because it was just the two of us who can recognize him but after my block mates saw him they also started screaming his name.

 Over all it was a nice and successful event, tiring but happy.