Friday, December 10, 2010

The Real Danica Behind Her Smile.

With her brown, curly locks, innocent face, adorable outfit and cheerful aura, Danica Soliman will surely stand out in a crowd and can surely capture one's heart. A 17-year-old girl from Bulacan brought her "mahinhin" personality to Manila to study Mass Communication at Far Eastern University, she is at her sophomore stage right now and looking forward to work on big media companies.

FULL NAME: Danica Bianca Macaraig Soliman
BIRTHDAY: May 15, 1993
INTERESTS: I often take pictures of my self ,shop in thrift stores, laughing endlessly, watching movies and hanging out with my friends.
CELEBRITY CRUSH: Matt Dallas(he's NOT a gay! please:<)
PET PEEVES: Dirty nails

by: Rea Maureen Name

How would yo describe your style?

I really admire Ms. Tricia Gosingtian so most of my style were patterned to her. Sophiti-cute that's how she describes it. I have this contrasting pattern of light+dark, if my top is light my pants or shorts should be in dark.

What's your best beauty tip?

Don't wash your face! haha. I drink plenty of water. Fruits are best for your skin. a good sleep will give glow to yer beauty for the next day and stay INLOVE ~that's the cheapest beauty secret haha.

Do you want to be a photographer or a model?
I'd rather be a photographer. i think I'll be better behind those lenses than to pose and project, plus the fact that i always failed in smiling :<.

What should the perfect guy be like?

  • He should be gentlemen enough to offer sit to girls or the elders 
  • a guy who was respect to his parents 
  • a guy who will treat you as his princess 
  • a guy who will support you and believes in you 
  • a guy who knows how to make you smile
  • a guy who named ANJOLINA.

What are your types of music?

I listen to everything I know depending on my mood.

Guilty pleasure in?
Punch anjolina's face! haha. I really spend money stuffing my self with foods. thrift stores.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from your parents?
"Pag binato ka ng bato batuhin mo ng tinapay" haha that's what they thought us. "Hindi ikaw ang magdadala niyan sila" let carma do the rest, and that's the principle I still have now.
3 random facts about you.
  • don't like kakanin:<
  • my way of snapping out of a bad mood... I eat a lot and spend all of my savings in buying clothes:)
  • whenever I make decision for whatever it takes me an hour and I always ask somebody to help me to decide :<
How vain are you?
vain as I could

What quality do you like most in yourself?
I'm a true friend. If I told you that I will keep your secret , I will make that promise. I treasured my friend so much that I will fight for her and that's the reason why when a friend betrayed me it hurts so much:<

What's keeping you busy?
SCHOOL. Projects, assignment, quizzes, exam, requirements...urggh ! But schooling is very very fun! Meeting new friends and new adventure everyday:>

What's the best advice have you given?
Don't push your self to someone who doesn't like you. You deserve better. I think i lift my friends feeling that time haha.

What's the best thing happened to you during 2010?
Everything is best but I think its the time when I become a member of FEUCSO . This org change a lot of my bad habit especially being irresponsible.

Top 3 on your wishlist

  • Dslr canon 500D
  • l phone
  • HP notebook
Advice for students.
"Wag muna magboboyfriend!" haha .have your goals and keep focus. Grab the opportunities that will give you new knowledge and new experience. Be yourself. Have your unique signature! Your young, enjoy life, enjoy studying , live to the fullest.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turn Your Old Jeans Into a Funky Jeans Bag :)

by: Rea Maureen Name

Christmas is coming! do you now have a bag that goes with the season and goes with your outfit as well? If you don't have yet you may try this do-it-yourself bag from your old jeans, yes you've heard it right, from your old jeans.

 It is really hard to let go of the  things that became a part of your life but in this simple how-to project I will teach you to how to recycle that favorite jeans of yours 10 years ago. If you have an old jeans that does not fit to you now, out-of-fashion jeans or when you get a hole in your favourite pair of jeans, instead of throwing them or giving them away make it useful by changing it into a bag.

Keep your sentimental old bluejeans, give them new life, and help the environment at the same time. Here's how

Materials that you will need:

  • 1 pair of worn out jeans
  • some cute linen for lining
  • matching thread
  • needle
  • pins
  • scissors
  • imagination

Step one:

Lay your jeans into a table or into a flat surface. Level the top edges of the waistband and pin them together. Cut the jeans close to the crotch, do not throw the legs away as you will need these for straps. Then separate the front and back sides at the crotch area.

Step two:

Sew the front legs ( as to cover the used to be crotch area ) so it will make your short jeans look like a skirt.

Step three:
Turn the jeans inside out, pin the top edges of the waistband on the wrong side and sew the bottom part. Cut out the remaining fabric after sewing. Your jeans will now look like this

Step 4:

Turn your jeans bag inside out again. Lay the jeans on the folded linen and cut it along the line of the jeans: 1 inch exceeding the waistline. Sew the linen on the wrong side. Before sewing you can add some inner pockets if you wish, if not – no biggie as there are plenty of outside pockets. In this, I added a pocket for cellphone inside.

*The internal pocket goes on the back lining piece. Attach by top-topstitching the pockets to the various pieces before sewing the bag together. Add as many pockets of varying sizes as you desire – they can have zips, buttons or just be open as these ones are. Customise the bag to your requirements.

Step 5:

We will l now make the straps :)

Get the leg part of the jeans that you reserved a while ago. Cut two strips out of the jeans legs and two out of the linen (same size) . I wanted really long straps so I created one strap from one strip and a half.

I have worked out for me it is comfortable to have a bag strap that is 120cm long. You may wish to check this prior to fixing the strap in place – otherwise you could make it an adjustable strap. Cut strips of fabric 8cm wide out of the jeans leftovers. Join the pieces together lengthwise end to end first, then fold in half turning raw edges in 3-5mm, and topstitch edge.

Step 6:

Place one end of the handle tube on one side of the former waist of the jeans and sew it at the bottom of the waist line. Then sew it  where it meets at the top of the waist line. Repeat for other side. Turn jean bag right side out.  Make sure it is strong so you can put heavy stuffs in your bag.

Sew a strap of linen, make it as a belt and fasten it to the jeans 
and voila ! You now have a funky bag. You can customize your bag by adding pins or stitching letters in your bag. If you would like to add accents to it you can add different sizes and colors of buttons to the outside or decorative material  or patches. You can use yarn or whatever you fancy. You can also use the remaining jean material from the legs to make fringe or inside pockets.

Got nothing to give to your friends this coming Christmas? Well, this pretty bag can be your gift. Less expense right? You just have to collect your old jeans and sew.
And who knows? This can be a good source of income.

If you do not really want to use your old jeans or you are planning to make more with different sizes and colors you can buy from thrift stores. 

You can also make a cosmetic bag or a laptop bag out of your jeans ! Just widen your imagination and learn to experiment. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fight for what?

SS501, 2ne1, Big Bang, FT Island and SHINee are some of famous Kpop groups in this generation today especially to teens which spread throughout the Philippines. You'll see a teenager singing unfamiliar language around the corner and posting Korean stuffs. But have you heard the news abut these six Filipinos deported from South Korea last November 7? Here's the story.

G20 Summit Meeting held at Seoul, South Korea last November 11 and 12. G20 is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries (FYI) Philippines is not included. So these guys namely:

Maria Lorena Macabuag, Migrant Forum Asia

Josua Mata, Alliance of Progressive Labor

Joseph Purugganan, Focus on the Global South-Philippines (FGSP)

Jesus Manuel Santiago, activist poet-musician

Roger Soluta, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU)

Paul Quintos, IBON Foundation

(LOL. copy paste) went to South Korea to PROTEST, apparently the airport security of Seoul found out that they are blacklisted and were set to flight back to Manila late Saturday. 

"We were just informed that we were blacklisted by the South Korean government and that we are not allowed to enter Korea," Maria Lorena Macabuag said. 

(Joseph Purugganan (L) and Josua Mata (2L), credits:

But the question is why do they have to protest? where did they got the money for the fare fee?  When I searched for this topic I saw some nasty comments about these people that were mentioned above. They said that these people are just putting the Philippines on shame. 

 "tama lamang na i-deport pabalik ng Pilipinas ang mga aktibistang yan. Magkakalat lamang sila sa South Korea. Ano bang kinalaman nila sa G20 summit? mababago ba nila ang mag desisyon ng mga lider ng mga bansang ito kung malaman nila na may nagpoprotesta na mula pa sa ibang bansa. They won't listen to their group, kung sarili nga nilang mamamayan ay hindi nila pinapakinggan, sila pa kaya. Ang dapat talagang imbestigahan dito ay kung paanong nakapunta ang mga yan ng South Korea. Saan galing ang mga pondo nila? Sinong nagsabing pumunta sila ng South Korea,LoCkSmItH99 of Pinoy Exchange said.

For me, it's okay to fight for what you think is right, but you should think it twice. Think about the consequence that you might face. For these people, please do not put our country on shame.