Friday, December 10, 2010

The Real Danica Behind Her Smile.

With her brown, curly locks, innocent face, adorable outfit and cheerful aura, Danica Soliman will surely stand out in a crowd and can surely capture one's heart. A 17-year-old girl from Bulacan brought her "mahinhin" personality to Manila to study Mass Communication at Far Eastern University, she is at her sophomore stage right now and looking forward to work on big media companies.

FULL NAME: Danica Bianca Macaraig Soliman
BIRTHDAY: May 15, 1993
INTERESTS: I often take pictures of my self ,shop in thrift stores, laughing endlessly, watching movies and hanging out with my friends.
CELEBRITY CRUSH: Matt Dallas(he's NOT a gay! please:<)
PET PEEVES: Dirty nails

by: Rea Maureen Name

How would yo describe your style?

I really admire Ms. Tricia Gosingtian so most of my style were patterned to her. Sophiti-cute that's how she describes it. I have this contrasting pattern of light+dark, if my top is light my pants or shorts should be in dark.

What's your best beauty tip?

Don't wash your face! haha. I drink plenty of water. Fruits are best for your skin. a good sleep will give glow to yer beauty for the next day and stay INLOVE ~that's the cheapest beauty secret haha.

Do you want to be a photographer or a model?
I'd rather be a photographer. i think I'll be better behind those lenses than to pose and project, plus the fact that i always failed in smiling :<.

What should the perfect guy be like?

  • He should be gentlemen enough to offer sit to girls or the elders 
  • a guy who was respect to his parents 
  • a guy who will treat you as his princess 
  • a guy who will support you and believes in you 
  • a guy who knows how to make you smile
  • a guy who named ANJOLINA.

What are your types of music?

I listen to everything I know depending on my mood.

Guilty pleasure in?
Punch anjolina's face! haha. I really spend money stuffing my self with foods. thrift stores.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from your parents?
"Pag binato ka ng bato batuhin mo ng tinapay" haha that's what they thought us. "Hindi ikaw ang magdadala niyan sila" let carma do the rest, and that's the principle I still have now.
3 random facts about you.
  • don't like kakanin:<
  • my way of snapping out of a bad mood... I eat a lot and spend all of my savings in buying clothes:)
  • whenever I make decision for whatever it takes me an hour and I always ask somebody to help me to decide :<
How vain are you?
vain as I could

What quality do you like most in yourself?
I'm a true friend. If I told you that I will keep your secret , I will make that promise. I treasured my friend so much that I will fight for her and that's the reason why when a friend betrayed me it hurts so much:<

What's keeping you busy?
SCHOOL. Projects, assignment, quizzes, exam, requirements...urggh ! But schooling is very very fun! Meeting new friends and new adventure everyday:>

What's the best advice have you given?
Don't push your self to someone who doesn't like you. You deserve better. I think i lift my friends feeling that time haha.

What's the best thing happened to you during 2010?
Everything is best but I think its the time when I become a member of FEUCSO . This org change a lot of my bad habit especially being irresponsible.

Top 3 on your wishlist

  • Dslr canon 500D
  • l phone
  • HP notebook
Advice for students.
"Wag muna magboboyfriend!" haha .have your goals and keep focus. Grab the opportunities that will give you new knowledge and new experience. Be yourself. Have your unique signature! Your young, enjoy life, enjoy studying , live to the fullest.

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