Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turn Your Old Jeans Into a Funky Jeans Bag :)

by: Rea Maureen Name

Christmas is coming! do you now have a bag that goes with the season and goes with your outfit as well? If you don't have yet you may try this do-it-yourself bag from your old jeans, yes you've heard it right, from your old jeans.

 It is really hard to let go of the  things that became a part of your life but in this simple how-to project I will teach you to how to recycle that favorite jeans of yours 10 years ago. If you have an old jeans that does not fit to you now, out-of-fashion jeans or when you get a hole in your favourite pair of jeans, instead of throwing them or giving them away make it useful by changing it into a bag.

Keep your sentimental old bluejeans, give them new life, and help the environment at the same time. Here's how

Materials that you will need:

  • 1 pair of worn out jeans
  • some cute linen for lining
  • matching thread
  • needle
  • pins
  • scissors
  • imagination

Step one:

Lay your jeans into a table or into a flat surface. Level the top edges of the waistband and pin them together. Cut the jeans close to the crotch, do not throw the legs away as you will need these for straps. Then separate the front and back sides at the crotch area.

Step two:

Sew the front legs ( as to cover the used to be crotch area ) so it will make your short jeans look like a skirt.

Step three:
Turn the jeans inside out, pin the top edges of the waistband on the wrong side and sew the bottom part. Cut out the remaining fabric after sewing. Your jeans will now look like this

Step 4:

Turn your jeans bag inside out again. Lay the jeans on the folded linen and cut it along the line of the jeans: 1 inch exceeding the waistline. Sew the linen on the wrong side. Before sewing you can add some inner pockets if you wish, if not – no biggie as there are plenty of outside pockets. In this, I added a pocket for cellphone inside.

*The internal pocket goes on the back lining piece. Attach by top-topstitching the pockets to the various pieces before sewing the bag together. Add as many pockets of varying sizes as you desire – they can have zips, buttons or just be open as these ones are. Customise the bag to your requirements.

Step 5:

We will l now make the straps :)

Get the leg part of the jeans that you reserved a while ago. Cut two strips out of the jeans legs and two out of the linen (same size) . I wanted really long straps so I created one strap from one strip and a half.

I have worked out for me it is comfortable to have a bag strap that is 120cm long. You may wish to check this prior to fixing the strap in place – otherwise you could make it an adjustable strap. Cut strips of fabric 8cm wide out of the jeans leftovers. Join the pieces together lengthwise end to end first, then fold in half turning raw edges in 3-5mm, and topstitch edge.

Step 6:

Place one end of the handle tube on one side of the former waist of the jeans and sew it at the bottom of the waist line. Then sew it  where it meets at the top of the waist line. Repeat for other side. Turn jean bag right side out.  Make sure it is strong so you can put heavy stuffs in your bag.

Sew a strap of linen, make it as a belt and fasten it to the jeans 
and voila ! You now have a funky bag. You can customize your bag by adding pins or stitching letters in your bag. If you would like to add accents to it you can add different sizes and colors of buttons to the outside or decorative material  or patches. You can use yarn or whatever you fancy. You can also use the remaining jean material from the legs to make fringe or inside pockets.

Got nothing to give to your friends this coming Christmas? Well, this pretty bag can be your gift. Less expense right? You just have to collect your old jeans and sew.
And who knows? This can be a good source of income.

If you do not really want to use your old jeans or you are planning to make more with different sizes and colors you can buy from thrift stores. 

You can also make a cosmetic bag or a laptop bag out of your jeans ! Just widen your imagination and learn to experiment. 

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  1. I am curious how you biased the front pocket, did you have to do it by hand?