Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fight for what?

SS501, 2ne1, Big Bang, FT Island and SHINee are some of famous Kpop groups in this generation today especially to teens which spread throughout the Philippines. You'll see a teenager singing unfamiliar language around the corner and posting Korean stuffs. But have you heard the news abut these six Filipinos deported from South Korea last November 7? Here's the story.

G20 Summit Meeting held at Seoul, South Korea last November 11 and 12. G20 is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries (FYI) Philippines is not included. So these guys namely:

Maria Lorena Macabuag, Migrant Forum Asia

Josua Mata, Alliance of Progressive Labor

Joseph Purugganan, Focus on the Global South-Philippines (FGSP)

Jesus Manuel Santiago, activist poet-musician

Roger Soluta, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU)

Paul Quintos, IBON Foundation

(LOL. copy paste) went to South Korea to PROTEST, apparently the airport security of Seoul found out that they are blacklisted and were set to flight back to Manila late Saturday. 

"We were just informed that we were blacklisted by the South Korean government and that we are not allowed to enter Korea," Maria Lorena Macabuag said. 

(Joseph Purugganan (L) and Josua Mata (2L), credits:

But the question is why do they have to protest? where did they got the money for the fare fee?  When I searched for this topic I saw some nasty comments about these people that were mentioned above. They said that these people are just putting the Philippines on shame. 

 "tama lamang na i-deport pabalik ng Pilipinas ang mga aktibistang yan. Magkakalat lamang sila sa South Korea. Ano bang kinalaman nila sa G20 summit? mababago ba nila ang mag desisyon ng mga lider ng mga bansang ito kung malaman nila na may nagpoprotesta na mula pa sa ibang bansa. They won't listen to their group, kung sarili nga nilang mamamayan ay hindi nila pinapakinggan, sila pa kaya. Ang dapat talagang imbestigahan dito ay kung paanong nakapunta ang mga yan ng South Korea. Saan galing ang mga pondo nila? Sinong nagsabing pumunta sila ng South Korea,LoCkSmItH99 of Pinoy Exchange said.

For me, it's okay to fight for what you think is right, but you should think it twice. Think about the consequence that you might face. For these people, please do not put our country on shame.

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