Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vandalism: An art or an eye sore?

 Name of a gang with a stereotypical font written on  walls, a drawing of a man's genital part, words written by rallyistas and some stuffs that can be found in every public places are definitely an eye sore. 

It makes the surrounding look dirty. Though MMDA launched a project about painting the walls to prevent vandalisms I guess it is not enough to prevent them from doing this. They use paint spray, which are hard to remove. I wonder why some people would really draw a person’s genital area in a public place. If I were a boy, I would feel ashamed to see my private part in the wall where everybody else could see. Vandals can be found everywhere, especially around Metro Manila. A man aging from 12-21 are more likely to do this stuffs, especially if they belong to a gang.

Behind this wall full of vandals is a church.

I also often see vandalisms at buses’ seats, there are some foul words referring to sex and it comes with a cell phone number. Sometimes they put “wanted text mate” to earn some attention.

In our Psychology room at EB 7th floor, almost every chair has an illustration a man’s private part, comes with different sizes and different kinds. Is it fulfilling to draw a person’s private part? What is with it that it seems to be addictive?

Vandalism in the comfort room is common, especially in public comfort rooms. When I was in grade school, I often see some vulgar words meant for cursing at the girls’ washroom. In grade school, it is a common way to revenge to your enemy. It is so childish yet funny.

How I wish if those who vandalize will just draw some awesome doodles or graffiti like these,

In that case, it will not be an eye sore anymore; instead, it will become an eye candy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mass Comm Fair: Intensified

By Rea Maureen Name

The great thing about the Mass Comm Fair is the fact that we do not have classes and we can enter the school premises wearing jeans and our org shirts. I arrived early so I went to the Freedom Park, saw some of my block mates, and eat with them at the AB canteen.

Later on, when Kiko arrived we proceeded to the auditorium to watch and support our block mate, Carla, at Mass Comm Idol. After long hours of waiting the program finally started. First, they showed slides of the accomplished events done by the officers of Mass Comm Society, and then they immediately introduced the 12 contestants. Carla was fourth to perform, and she sang really smooth and clear. Her voice was so angelic. Her song piece was I Love You So. We made banners and tarps out of my notebook’s leaves and permanent marker saying “GO PUSH”, “GO CARLA” and stuffs. Out of 12 contestants, they choose the final two. Luckily, I mean, obviously Carla got the slot together with a 4th year student.

Karla sang the same song piece smoothly, but her competitor sang Listen and made the crowd go wild. After they perform, dance competition began. Other year was not that impressive unlike the sophomores and the seniors. They first announced the winner for the dance competition. Luckily, sophomores got the first place but the senior grabbed the grand winner title. The announcement for the winner of the Mass Idol came, Carla was sure that her competitor will be the winner, but when the judge talked it seems to be favorable to Carla but we are wrong the senior student won.

After that the group 1:43 performed, my former schoolmate Yuki was part of the group. Cath and I were screaming “YUKI!” because it was just the two of us who can recognize him but after my block mates saw him they also started screaming his name.

 Over all it was a nice and successful event, tiring but happy.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What AB 208 looks like in my eyes

I always ready my pen and my hands whenever I enter the rhe AB 208 room for this is where we held our Journalism class which mean we have to write and write articles. It was kind of mixed fun and hard. Hard because there were times when I really do not know where to start my article, fun because I am learning to write which is included and important to the field that I want to enter.

The room is pretty much more spacious than an ordinary classroom around the university, lockers were placed to the right side and indicates “student props”. There were times were I wanted to open each cabinet to see the props but of course we were not allowed to do such thing.

I am sitting at the second row but when someone is absent, I will go to the first row, but when I wanted to sneak a sleep, I will just go to the second row and rest my head. I do not know if my prof is aware of this. I am seated right next to Danica, we sometimes do not talk during classes but we often eat and sneaking it out. We munch there while listening. We are listening as if there is no bag of biscuits in front of us.

This room is not that cold unlike the other room so I can concentrate in my writing properly, it was not that hot either. It sometimes look dirty and I can really see how old it is and it is obvious that it was not even renovated from the time that it was built.

Good thing that we chairs were brand new, it has a capacity of maximum 50 students. I was wondering how many students already  used this room and when will they plan to renovate this room and make it look brand new like those rooms in the 3rd floor. Maybe sooner or later before we graduate. I know we will still use this room until we graduate.

My unforgettable and favorite experience at AB 208 (narrative)

Arts Building room 208, the room where I learned to write with free flowing emotions.

This room is where we held our Journalism class, sometimes when our Speech class ends early we just stay at the corridor and wait for the professor to come out. The professor before our class is a small woman with short haircut and wearing glasses. One time I saw her seating in the table, crossed legs, while teaching. That is what made me thing that she is a cool mentor. I do not know what subject she teaches by the way, but her students were 3rd year students I guess.

In this room, we usually write and write articles and stuffs, seldom we discuss because our major subject is focused on writing. We usually write article for feature writing which is in favor for me for we can really express what we want to say unlike news writing where our ideas and taught are not important and must not be included in our article.

My unforgettable experience about this room was when we have to write an article from the recording that we will just listen, I wrote a long entry and unfortunately, I am the last one to finish. Good thing our mentor waited for me to finish, actually, I am not yet done but I decided to pass my work. My hands were really tired after that.

In additional, my favorite experience in that room was when we watched the chick flick “Confessions of a Shopaholic” which I really wanted to watch when I was in high school but unfortunately, I was not able to do so. Therefore, I grabbed my chance and watched the movie as if I was in a movie theater.

Sometimes I sneak out and sleep in my seat when we have nothing to do.

The dragon lady talked to Tamaraws

The very fierce Senator Merriam Defensor-Santiago visited FEU (while she’s been absent for six months in the senate) and gave a talk about youth’s role in changing the nation

It’s January 27 in the afternoon when we went to FEU Auditorium to listen to Senator Merriam Defensor-Santiago’s symposium. I was kind of afraid because if she will see me not listening she might call me in the middle of her presentation and ask me to go out – fortunately that didn’t happen.

When senator entered the room, we welcomed her by giving her a round of applause. The speaker introduced her by giving her list of achievements, which are so many to mention, and all of us were looking her with a big wow on our face, she is really a superwoman.

Senator Santiago started her speech by giving a bunch of jokes and though it is old we are all laughing because it seems to be different when it comes from her, she was very far from the fierce Merriam Santiago in the senate that time.

She tackled about how the youth of our nation can affect or change our nation, she discussed about the controversial WikiLeaks, which published private documents of different country over the net and made a speculation throughout the world.
She even taught us how WikiLeaks works.

She told us that we, youth, could use the internet to start a change. We have to use our freedom of speech through the net such as Facebook and Twitter. We must speak for what we are fighting for and she told us to be aware in the current events that occurring in our country.

Her speech is really inspiring, there are times when I can’t imagine that it’s the fearless Merriam Santiago in the senate that I am listening to. Youth can really learn so many by just listening to her.

After that the forum portion where we can ask questions came, student asked different questions involving politics but me and Danica wanted to ask what was the last movie she watched. We wanted to know if her lifestyle was normal or does she even have time to have a social life.

Over all I can now understand why she have so many awards, why is called the Tiger Lady, The Dragon Lady and stuffs because she is fearless, she says what she wanted to say and act if she has something to happen.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The supposed to be Concierto Piyu 83

The day started out well, the sun is bright. We have an NSTP class but unfortunately we're late so we decided to go inside and watch the officers to arrange

Me, Kiko and Shaira even found a perfect spot to watch the concert featuring Pupil, Callalily and Vice Ganda. At 5pm I went in front of the chapel to facilitate a tumblr meet up. People from tumblr came one by one and by pairs. I met new people and it was fun, we took pictures and stuffs

The cheer drummers performed as a sign that the concert will begin in a matter of time. They even gave us party hats. Eventually, rain started to pour down. People rushed to covered areas, some just opened their umbrellas and stayed in their place hoping that the rain will stop. 

We waited for one hour but the rain won't stop. We decided to go upstairs because we're so wet by the rain. Evening came but the rain kept on pouring harder. Lights at the stage were turned off, we're so clueless if they will continue the concert or not. 

At 9pm the student council apologized and told that they won't continue the concert anymore. I was about to go home so i called Paulo. Though I'm a bit disappointed, part of it eased away.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Save or to Spend?

by Rea Maureen Name

Have you just found those dress and shoes that you’ve been haunting on since forever? Or did you saw the big tarps and billboard shouting SALE along Ortigas? Or you just had seen that pants that goddesses wear on the magazine? Face it or not you will spend.

How ironic isn’t it, economy is getting low but our expenses were getting high. Money is so fast to spend, credit card were putting us on debt. If you’ve been itching to buy new clothes ask yourself, do you really need to buy? I mean, have you heard the words shop in your own closet? You buy new stuffs and have to throw away the old one, weren’t you regretting that you spend money on those stuffs and now you’re putting them away.

Invest on what you need not on what you like. Ask yourself, how often you will use those stuffs, when you purchase make it worth every cent. Stop being a compulsive buyer.

Branded stuffs, let us talk about branded stuffs. Do you think it is worth it? Does it make you feel beautiful when you are wearing one? Sometime yes, but hello, you does not need to spend a thousand for a sando that can be bought in a tiangge for a hundred pesos. If you think, you have the guts and confidence you can wear clothes with or without a brand.

Alternative, maybe your expensive lip-gloss has the same color and texture with a certain store and wasn’t that pricey. Isn’t it heartbreaking when you just purchased your expensive flip-flops and then you saw a more beautiful and comfortable flip-flops half the price. Ouch. My tip is to go around the mall first, or search online before you purchase something. So you can say that it’s worth the money. It’s also heartbreaking to see a pirated version of the expensive branded shoes that you just bought and you can’t tell which is which. Look for something better when you’re purchasing, find an alternative, when you can’t find maybe it’s time to pay the counter.

My greatest assets

We are living in a material world, everybody goes shopping, and social status is not a hindrance. As long as you can afford the things that we want, we buy it.

As an 18-year old student I still doesn't have assets that I can really call mine, because I admit, all the money that I use to buy stuffs were from mom and dad.

I can consider my Canon Rebel T1i, my dad's gift for my 18th birthday as an asset. Admit it or not, not all people can buy DSLR, not all people in my age will have the chance to have this kind of camera worth 900$. It's one of my valued asset because it was given by my dad. I know it is almost equal to his salary abroad.

My make-up haul, since high school I've been saving money from my baon to buy these stuffs. I actually invest in what I love. I do not spend much. Everything in this bag defines me.

I love clothes. This is just one of my closets in our room. We have an RTW store so I have pretty much clothes. Mom bought some of these and some were by me. I often purchase branded clothes because of my funny philosophy that when you walk, people around you won't even bother to check the tag behind your clothes. For me, as long as you can carry the clothes it will look good on you no matter what. Oh, I forgot to say, I love shopping on thrift stores.

Shoes, they say that good shoes will take you to beautiful places. That’s why me, my sister and mom invests on shoes.

Other things that I consider as an asset were my books. I love reading.
There, now you know what I considered my valued assets.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year of the Bunny :3

Welcome year 2011 ! Thanks 2010 !

by Rea Maureen Name

Time flies when you're enjoying the moment, 2010 seems like yesterday it went so fast. Though I've got some problems I'm glad I made it through, our family made it through with the help of prayers.

Welcoming 2011 was kind of sad because my mom and I celebrated it just the two of us for the first time. Dad was in the other country and my older sister have to go to her job. We wasn't able to do our prayer as a tradition.

Neighbors got Piccolos, fountains and lots of firecrackers while we've got Lucis, torotot and Pop Up, heh.

Our media noche was too many for us two so I invited my cousins to come over and join us. My sadness was eased for a while, we lit up our lucis and watched our neighbors's fireworks.

Our neighbors' :p

We even rolled ponkans and coins for some luck *

no more lucis T.T

We celebrated the New Year the simplest way that we can, we don't need expensive fireworks as long as we are happy together. I hope we're complete for the next New Year.

God has given us another year to start and correct our mistakes. Have a prosperous 2011 guys !

Time of Giving

Christmas is giving, a time for fun, time for family, a time to forgive.

by Rea Maureen Name

Let me start by saying that we don't celebrate Christmas  because of our religion, so we just spent the 24th and 25th of December just like an ordinary day. But we went to our province in Pampanga on the first day of 2011 to have a reunion/Christmas party with our relatives. We had games, exchange gifts, giving gifts and so much more, It was so much fun :)

My Uncle from Dubai giving away pasalubongs

Gifts ready to be given away

My cousin playing for the first game which is the garter game

My cousins and nephew trying out for the never ending trip to Jerusalem

These cuties were hamming it up on stop dance

Our family's favorite game for couples ~ egg catching

My prize for the Bring Me game ~ I was never been too old for these

Newspaper Dance was so hilarious

My tita seems to so happy to her gift :)

Our family picture without dad

This special event won't be the same without my relatives, foods and gifts made me happy, but seeing them after a long time made me happier.

Christmas is about family, but most of all it's all about remembering Jesus Christ's birth.