Sunday, January 30, 2011

The dragon lady talked to Tamaraws

The very fierce Senator Merriam Defensor-Santiago visited FEU (while she’s been absent for six months in the senate) and gave a talk about youth’s role in changing the nation

It’s January 27 in the afternoon when we went to FEU Auditorium to listen to Senator Merriam Defensor-Santiago’s symposium. I was kind of afraid because if she will see me not listening she might call me in the middle of her presentation and ask me to go out – fortunately that didn’t happen.

When senator entered the room, we welcomed her by giving her a round of applause. The speaker introduced her by giving her list of achievements, which are so many to mention, and all of us were looking her with a big wow on our face, she is really a superwoman.

Senator Santiago started her speech by giving a bunch of jokes and though it is old we are all laughing because it seems to be different when it comes from her, she was very far from the fierce Merriam Santiago in the senate that time.

She tackled about how the youth of our nation can affect or change our nation, she discussed about the controversial WikiLeaks, which published private documents of different country over the net and made a speculation throughout the world.
She even taught us how WikiLeaks works.

She told us that we, youth, could use the internet to start a change. We have to use our freedom of speech through the net such as Facebook and Twitter. We must speak for what we are fighting for and she told us to be aware in the current events that occurring in our country.

Her speech is really inspiring, there are times when I can’t imagine that it’s the fearless Merriam Santiago in the senate that I am listening to. Youth can really learn so many by just listening to her.

After that the forum portion where we can ask questions came, student asked different questions involving politics but me and Danica wanted to ask what was the last movie she watched. We wanted to know if her lifestyle was normal or does she even have time to have a social life.

Over all I can now understand why she have so many awards, why is called the Tiger Lady, The Dragon Lady and stuffs because she is fearless, she says what she wanted to say and act if she has something to happen.

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