Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Save or to Spend?

by Rea Maureen Name

Have you just found those dress and shoes that you’ve been haunting on since forever? Or did you saw the big tarps and billboard shouting SALE along Ortigas? Or you just had seen that pants that goddesses wear on the magazine? Face it or not you will spend.

How ironic isn’t it, economy is getting low but our expenses were getting high. Money is so fast to spend, credit card were putting us on debt. If you’ve been itching to buy new clothes ask yourself, do you really need to buy? I mean, have you heard the words shop in your own closet? You buy new stuffs and have to throw away the old one, weren’t you regretting that you spend money on those stuffs and now you’re putting them away.

Invest on what you need not on what you like. Ask yourself, how often you will use those stuffs, when you purchase make it worth every cent. Stop being a compulsive buyer.

Branded stuffs, let us talk about branded stuffs. Do you think it is worth it? Does it make you feel beautiful when you are wearing one? Sometime yes, but hello, you does not need to spend a thousand for a sando that can be bought in a tiangge for a hundred pesos. If you think, you have the guts and confidence you can wear clothes with or without a brand.

Alternative, maybe your expensive lip-gloss has the same color and texture with a certain store and wasn’t that pricey. Isn’t it heartbreaking when you just purchased your expensive flip-flops and then you saw a more beautiful and comfortable flip-flops half the price. Ouch. My tip is to go around the mall first, or search online before you purchase something. So you can say that it’s worth the money. It’s also heartbreaking to see a pirated version of the expensive branded shoes that you just bought and you can’t tell which is which. Look for something better when you’re purchasing, find an alternative, when you can’t find maybe it’s time to pay the counter.

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